Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing can be an incredibly precise, fast, and economical method to identify and plot discontinuities, such as inclusions and laminations, in a wide variety of wrought and finished metals.

Qualified staff, state-of-the-art equipment

ASII’s highly-trained staff of certified ultrasonic inspectors utilizes advanced instrumentation and data reporting to quickly and accurately detect and identify flaws and measure material depth for a variety of applications and industries including oil field and petrochemical.


Methods of Ultrasonic Testing Inspections (UT) offered:

1. Conventional Ultrasonic Inspection with state of the art equipment for flaw detection and thickness gauging.

2. State of the art Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection for flaw detection.

3. State of the art Fully Automated C-Scan equipment for flaw detection and mapping of internal corrosion and laminations on plate and piping down to 3" diameter.


How Ultrasonic Testing (UT) works

Ultrasonic testing, or UT, is used in the examination of high speed rotating engine parts and full penetration groove welds and to determine material thickness. It involves the use of complex electronic equipment that is connected to one or more transducers. These transducers generate and detect high-frequency sound waves that, after being transmitted through a test specimen, bounce back to reveal defects or to calculate the material thickness.

Because it requires access to only one side of the test specimen, ultrasonic testing is often used in situations where radiographic examination is not possible. Element maintains full-service ultrasonic mobile unites to offer in-house, onsite, and field inspections and certifications. Whether your inspection requirements are for raw materials or fracture-critical components, we offer the equipment, expertise, and capacity for the task. Our mobile units feature a range of computer-controlled ultrasonic testing systems to accommodate inspections for test specimens of virtually any size.

Ideal for Onsite Applications

Ultrasonic inspection is an extremely effective method for use in field locations due to the portability of the equipment and the ability to evaluate and record results at the time of inspection. ASII offers a full range of ultrasonic field inspections to fit your specific needs.

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