Inspection Services

You may be surprised to learn that Visual Inspectors need more than just a well-trained set of eyes.

In fact, ASII Visual Inspectors receive specialized training to operate a number of high-tech devices and instruments. From the Charge-Coupled Device (an advanced imaging and color chip system), to a joystick-driven 50-foot long steer probe for very tight access, to advanced computer programs that accurately measure defects, voids, pits, corrosion, and wear, and store this information on a variety of media—Visual Inspection is a fully 21st century skill.

Visual inspection is one nondestructive testing method of many that Element is qualified and approved to perform on your parts and products. Our trained Visual NDT staff will provide you with important information to make the decisions you need to make for your business.

Reliable and cost-effective

Visual Inspection is also one of the most cost-effective methods to assess ongoing equipment reliability, and is typically the first (and last) nondestructive testing method used. A skilled visual inspector significantly enhances quality control and quality assurance during the fabrication of new equipment, and prevents costly outages and accidents on working equipment by evaluating wear and internal degradation

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